Monday, September 6, 2010

Back home

Hey there guys and girls guys pretending to be girls. Just got back to civilization and I feel pretty good. Earned some cash choppin' wood and I'm glad to be home playing vidya again. I'm pretty tired yet motivated about the future so I think a good tune to match how I feel right now would be...

Pokemon Red & blue - The Road To Cerulean From Mt.Moon

Now this inspirational tune comes at just the right time. You just left Mt.Moon, one of the first challenges of it's kind, with a tired team of Pokemon eager for a rest at the Pokemon center. Imagine what it would be like to be Red for a second. You just finished hiking through caves battling the major name crime ring as well as miscellaneous trainers along the way. You emerge from the cave to find one last hindrance keeping you from Cerulean and the haven that is the Pokemon center. I think this song really symbolizes pushing yourself forward to your goals, even while physically and mentally tired.



Saturday, August 28, 2010

First post.

Hey there /v/irgins, /b/ros, /Arcanine/, /x/philes, and everyone else who ends up here. I plan on using this blog mostly for sharing and reviewing vidya geim music but I will mix things up once in awhile.

You can usually find me tripfaggin' as "Sodomy !!lyMjjwFFAN0"

Here's a taste for checkin' me out so early.

Ah yes, Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You've played it, I've played it, hell your mom's played it. It's hard to not love the Zelda series so I decided it would be a good tune to start out with. The song I present for you today is Kakariko Village. Let it's soothing tune bring you back to the simpler days of your youth. Embrace your nostalgia and remember the first time you entered the quaint town of Kakariko. Even if Ocarina of Time wasn't a key part of your youth like it was mine, just sit back and enjoy the calming tune.

Later bros